Swapping life

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I used to wonder all the faults of my life. I dont have this, I dont have that, I used to think aah! How lucky she is ,she has this psb job,ohh! Lucky he is,he have such a brain. I used to always wonder that why I didnot got a birth of this or that one, why I am unlucky,or what sin I had done in past life that I have to see so much misery so much failure in my life and with all this thoughts I slept. A very unsual thing happend to me


I was talking to a person near the sea shore. Its my fav.place to visit. So I was walking along the water waves with lots of tears,complaints,griefs ,pain  and obivously unhappy with my exiciting life. A man mid 60’s he came to me, I exactly dont remember what were our first words but I remember some mid conversation .

“Did  you come alone? who is with you? Is anything wrong with you beta”?Curiously shooting all the questions.

“No uncle,I am fine,just got emotional,no worries please leave me alone uncle ” I wipped my tears and regain courage to leave that place.

Bacha tell me what happened? You seems so sad and its good to share sadness and its a blessing if you can share with some unknown because unknown will never judge you.

Uncle I haven’t achieved anything till now, and then I have given him the list of all my failure and all the people who have achieved what I wanted.

Beta!! You know I have an power. You can ask me for any wish and I can fullfill.

(since it was dream so can’t help with this story)

Oh really uncle!! Then please make me like 











I counted almost every person of my life whom I always think about 

My mom ….naa baba I cant handle everything like she does.

My father …no no he has so much mental stress of work.

My sister…ahh what if she is an dr.but I cant study this much and I cant even understand those subjects.

My friend who is working in psb.omg her lovee life is so difficult,I dont want that phase.

My love..ohh definitely a big no.Not even a comparison with him,”cant handle his love life that is me πŸ˜‚”

Common tell me fast,what are you thinking?I dont have whole day. Many more people are waiting for there LIFE SWAPPING., uncle screamed.

Nah baba.uncle I am happy with my own life,my own life is far better then all of them.YES I know there are some problems but I am very much mature to handle them. I dont want any ones life.

And suddenly I woke up with my dream.


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