My expression cheated me

Pic cout. Google(incase any one of you dont know how big actually, he was resemble to this pic)

I was coming back from my eveing walk. It includes brisk walk for a km and normal breathing while returing and sometime its reverse,normally I prefer to listen some soft music because its better to treat yourself from music than to invovle yourself in colony exicting gossips.

Since it was raining from the morning so there were hardly people on the track and it was getting dark. I was about to reach my home and it was approx 0.5 km a boy who came from side lane and started walkimg behind me. First I didnt noticed any thing wierd in it, but then I saw a big healthy active white DOG(labrador,most popular breed of uk and usa).

Since it was tighted with a belt but still I could not believe on his rope,my calm mind began to get hyper, my heart was looking for the people who would help me.suddenly my sub conscious mind switched of the music player and tried to hear the tapping voice of that big DOG!! I began to think  what would happen if he comes to me?what if his care taker could not handle him? I saw four old ladies were on the track but, obivously they wont help  me if he bite me. There were chidrens on the track who were walking but they will obivously run away and then I was looking behind  countless time, I began to sweat (which dont even happens at my brisk walk) and suddenly I heard a voice ,kshitija bhag kyun rahi kuch nahi karega, and then finally I look at his care taker because uptill now my focus was only on the DOG, and he was friend of mine,and from past three years I always used to denied to go at his place only because of thier cute baby!!!(THE DOG) ofcourse ,but they call him baby,

I regain my courage only because you don’t want to tell every one that you are afraid of the big dogs, so I ended up with an lie that oh no baba its my brisk walk and I have to reach early.

And he told me that your expressions are cheating you tell them to synchronize with your words. And he left that track and took U turn. 

Finally I am at home reached safely.


(Its not like I hate them but its not even like I love them)


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