How they made for each other 1

After a certain phase of time,while we scroll down your new feeds on facebook we get to see some similar post like

Got this and that college.

1.Finally placed in this company

2.Joined here there.

3.Got engaged/in relationship/or 25+ marriage pics

And people who were our close ones but with the flow of time they end up with commenting some formal notation:

Nice couple

Made for each other

Wish you a very happy married life.

Your together look so beautiful.

What made me to write this post is the sentence 
Made for each other

About a month ago we went to a reception party actually it was not just a recption,it was a splendid one. Each and every thing in the garden was covered with money, lamps, statues lightings decoration cutillary every thing was show off.

The stage was marvellous,decorated with the rich and original flowers, the music was rythmying only with the rich people(i guess rich because I have never ever heard such genere of music )

A couple was standing on stage,she was folding hands and greeting with smile to each and every guest who came on stage to give their blessing only after fullfilling there stomach untill the choak up and before having paan(no one wants there colgate smile with red teeths).

Finally for the people like us, and for the friends and relatives the wedding was over.

Now the time is for show up. The handsome groom and the cute bride upload their  marriage picture and end up with saying thankyou to each and every one on the most formal comments which I described above.

But how only by seeing these two people with the most expensive dress and the lavishing garden and the perfect couple posr which are directed by photographer and there assistant ,they are the best couple and made for each other,its seems like they are archies expensive statues.

But how these two unknown people came in the stage and grabbing the comments of made for each other ???

 Do suggest which part you want to read.

How they met?

How the decide he/she is the perfect life patner?

Behind the scence.

Reply back me your interest and Read it in my next post.

Thankyou so much for reading.


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