Quote 3

How in our country a girl is lucky or not in her married life is decided by her close relatives,friends.


4 thoughts on “Quote 3

    1. I have seen sir……where the people compare only the flaws of the relationship and on that comparsion they decide.
      And this above quote is an real life example and they discussed before us..since they do not belong to our family we could not interfer much in there matter.

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  1. Wait, in our country a girl child is considered lucky? I didn’t know this, I have heard it but I didn’t know for sure. Because I was in the impression that the people of this country preferred a male child and heard a lot many female infanticide?

    I just hope that some day all this is just a thing of the past and we look people as people and not categorized on gender or anything as a matter of fact.
    I think we are already on that path, but it’s a very long way to go and a lot of convincing and justifications to do.

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