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A very strange thing happened with me today. As in my previous  post I said that I was attending  yoga camp. So there I met a girl around 12-13 years. Very enthusiastically  she was performing each and every asan and she was regular with her parents  from past 7 days at sharp 6 o clock in the hall. As I know her muma so after our practice  we chatted around and I appreciated that she her daughter  is quite sincere in this stuff,and in vaccation  also she is regular  that too in the morning. You are giving her a good upbringing.

I was stunned when she replied me back,she told me that,”we are not the one who are bringing  her here daily. She is the one who is setting alarm,waking up and bringing us here”. I was amazed by her answer  or I can say that I was some how shock that at such a small age she is coming for yoga and we canmot preassume that she had seen this in her family or any one. So to know this I asked her how you came to know.

She told me that she read news paper last year, her friends mother does this at home so the by the girly chatter box she came to know about this and advantages and then to open my lid in the morning  by shock she said “moreover didi it is in my bucket list/wish list”. I asked her at this age you have wish list?  Do you know exactly  your likes and dislikes  and she was so clear about her each and every thought. 

I just reliazes where do I stand infront of that little girl? I dont even have my bucket list? I dont even have my future plans on long term and short term basis. She was just 12-13 but she gave such a inspiration for me that now I dont think I will need any more motivational lectures, quotes toh keep me working and going on woth the flow of life. 

Share your wish list…

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Couple should not Meddle in each other decision, they should respect each other, instead of interfering they should discuss what should be done,and what not with proper explaination because now a days no one like that some one is interfering  in their life. 

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International  yoga day

Its our 3rd international  yoga day

International  yoga day was announced  unanimously by United Nation  General Assembly  on 11December  2014. After its inception  its has been celebrating world wide on 21 june. 

The date was suggested because its an longest day of the northern  hemisphere and it also indicate that yay!!!your summer days are almost finished and now its time for rainy season ☔,in most of the parts monsoon has hit already. Yoga is basically helpful to keep you physically  fit and mentally calm and more determined. As far as I have seen the benefits of yoga is its helped me to get calm,normal heart beat and mentally stable.

Indian goverment has made it compulsory  to practice  atleast 1 hour yoga on mass basis on this day in each and every indian goverment offices. 

Since In my campus where yoga camp was organized for this mass yoga day so that on the day of performing people should not go blank and stand still because not each and everyone are familiar with what they are doing and its benefit.

The asan  I like the most 

This is vrakshasan. 

Basically its help for concentration. On the very first  day if you try this you wont be able to stand still woth closed eyes for much time. Its need practice and if you try this on daily basis you can see change by your own. I have seen difference within 6 days. 

This is gist of your one hour work out. If you are in hurry or its not your good day then you should do atleast suryanamaskar.

In daily basis you can do this. I personally try to do atleast 10-12 suryanamaskar  daily (from some months I skipped many days. But now I will  be regular)

There are many more important  asans in this since  I am a beginner  so I cannot write much on that but what I liked and learned I shared on this 3rd international  yoga day. 

If you are a student or a learning  person you should do vrakshasan  to improve  your concentration because now a days due to phone and many other distractions  are available  in home itself. And a survey say that approx 70-80k thoughts comes in mind of a person  in a single day.



Stay blessed 

Missing you

I miss you when I am alone, 

But I miss you more when I am surrounded  by people. 

I miss you when I eat yummy dish

But I miss you more when dish is cooked by me. 

I miss you when its weekend,

But I  miss you more when I see couples hanging out.

I miss you when we are on video call

But I miss you more when you wear my favorite  colour shirt. 

I miss you baby

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A letter from baby to his papa 

Dear papa, 

Yes!!I know this is surprising for you that I am talking to you right now,since you haven’t  imagine that we both will talk on this auspicious  day but I was waiting to tell you something because I want to give you surprise  by talking you. 

Papa no I will not call you papa you will be my baba, to whom my aai loves the most in the world. I know there are many complications  in your life and in aai’s but baba I assure you no matter what the future is,you will the first person who will see me laughing, crying, my day to day activities, my crawl and I know aai will tell you each and every activity untill i start talking. Then I dont think that we will need any other intermediator between us and I can also work as your spy if you will protecting me from my over motherly and over temperd and extra caring aai. We will have an strongest bond and my aai had made up her mind that sooner or later she will let me know who exactly you are and where you stand in my life. 

Since its too early to let you know that what I think for you because I cannot even speak but appreciation  are never early.

As for now I am your unborn kid and it would be matter of kiddish that I am not even in the aai’s womb but  I know  soon I will be there. But I know I am in your heart in aai’s mind. 

I told god when I was wandering in heaven with some angels that please send me fast, and I took a sneek peek in his account book and I saw my name in their entry and delivery  book, and yayy!!! My number is soon… Baba I am coming as fast as possible.

May be around next year if every things goes well I will be in your hand,and teh. Next year on this same day I would be touching your feet and taking your blessing and then next year I would be giving you some hand made card where I can hardly write “happy father  day my baba”with the help of aai and the list will go on and O will keep surprising you each and every year/ day.  

Since I am too small to say this things but baba thankyou very much for taking care of my aai so much, we both knows na she is short tempered  but she love both of us. Keep loving her till I come in her lap then I will help you to manage her when she will be in her most high anger mode. And then we will talk man to man because she don’t  understand  man’s feeling. Dont worry baba I will be always there for you. And I dont need to worry because you will always with me in very phase of life. 

Baba please take care of yourself , and take care of my aai too, I love you  baba


And han 

Happy father’s  day my baba


My pain

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Its raining  outside. Its raining  heavily. I cannot even see the house infront of my house. There is no one on the road. The loudest music which I can hear is the rain. I don’t have remote to lower the #volume and blessed that we cannot do so. I want to so outside, sit some where comfortably  and cry till my last drop of tears roll down to my cheek, till my last sob. But what I desperately  want is some one to sit besides me and say baby bolo na mai sun raha. But some time we have to replace  people by pillows, hands with handkerchief,hugs with bedsheet.

lucky are those people who have some one in their emotional  times and need not to replace people by materials. 

Sometime you have a bad day, a very very bad day. You are emotionally  stuck to some thing. You are not physically and mentally  healthy . And the only thing which you want to do is only cry

I am a  kind of strong girl who can handle everything since its my perception with  which I have lived with about 23+ years(not gonna reveal age) but still I have some people in my life reminds me frequently that what I think was an bravery act around 3-4year ago was an bullshit. But I still respect  him and love him from soul of my heart my body only becasue he don’t know what I have gone through and I dont think we all are answerable  to the people who question on our past deeds..there is always an difference between thinking and acting between a girl and a boy. So I never clarify. I just keep him going on. 

Since from my childhood I have been the eldest sister/daugther from my both paternal and maternal side. So I have an inbuilt talent of doing thing for others sake,to share my things. I love to make other’s happy. I cannot  smile after getting something  by my stubbornity.

But I cry. And when I have my emotional days I cry a lot. I just need someone just to sit besides me, hug me and say, 

I dont expect from any one to come and rescue me from. My messed up life. No..but needed only a person who would say

“speak whatever you want,say aloud whatever you feel, say as much as you have in your heart,on your toungue,in your mouth,in your brain, say to me. “

Every people had done something  wrong in their life. No one is perfect. Some people are thief but the do only for their bread and butter not to became ambani or mittal. People do mistake and so did I, for sake of someone’s happiness. To make some one proud and he is happy. And I am happy becaus he is happy.  I dont want to be get judge for my mistakes because it was an bravery act for me. 

When ever you think your patner is getting emotional  feeling weak. Please sit down and listen not to judge them not to tell them what is right and what is wrong  not to take out their pass deeds not to speak in rage that the sob utill they get cough. Try to calm them down. Beacuse this is the situation  when they need you most when they are mentally weak. Tell them here are only you and I,and I promise you I will never judge you. Let the pain be wipe out from the heart body brain. So that she can feel better. If you have someone in your life the you should  feel lucky enough if she cry infront  of you. You have won her heart that she can say whatever  she wants. Never start discussing  oh i dont like you cry be strong ,keep control in anger on that day you did this. Oh in eveing  you will feel guilty for your words. 

No!!!!!  Never do that. 

I have always missed something in my life and today I am missing my pillow man. Because i dont have any. so till my last breath will cry with my pillow. Not infornt of them who will shoot questions sentences judgement. 

My bravery  act in next post. 
Thankyou for reading my senti-mental post. Atleast I have you guyz where you never judge me. 

This show me some day I will be strong.


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Wind in my hairs 

Reminds me of your first touch. 

Droplets on my lips 

Reminds me of our first kiss. 

Wetness on road

Reminds me of our first drive.

When I am in  Windstrom 

Reminds me of you first time holding my hand.

Cracking of horrible Thunderbolt  

Reminds me of our first hugg

Rain reminds me of you

No matter wherever you are at this moment.

Rain will always make me carve for you.